Diverse Learning Environments

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Infant Care

 our infant care program provides personalized care for your babies. Here, your babies will be well-taken care of by trained childcare professionals. Each baby will be provided with individualized care and schedules to meet their needs throughout the day. All babies have care plans individualized to each baby's needs. We have created a happy and smooth environment for the babies to grow.

In the infant classroom, your child will be cared for by an enthusiastic and responsive teacher in a calm, soothing, and happy environment. Smiles, eye contact, and loving interactions occur between infant and teacher during diaper changes, feedings, rest time, and playtime.

Our infant room includes your child’s own personal crib, age-appropriate toys, and low chairs, all of which are cleaned and sanitized daily. In the infant room, schedules vary based on the needs of your child. Our teachers will work with you to develop your child’s personal unique schedule.

Our infant program provides developmentally appropriate environments for our non-mobile infants, crawlers, and walkers.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing environment where babies can explore and interact with their environment.

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2-Year Olds

Our toddler program is simpler and slower-paced than preschool rooms for three to six-year-olds.

The teacher-child ratio is lower (1:6 to 1:7 all the way to 36 months.) The atmosphere is positive, supportive, and includes a lot of singing and physical movement.

The toddler Montessori materials are specifically structured to meet the developmental needs of toddlers and to support their need for purposeful activity.

The toddler classroom focuses on two main areas: language development and acquiring skills for independent and social interactions, supplemented by select, simplified sensory materials.

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3-Year Olds

Our philosophy is to nurture the development of children through free play as well as structured play and an interesting classroom curriculum. We create a daily schedule with regular periods of instructor-led activities that reinforce positive behavior and build upon developmental milestones.


Young children learn best through observation and in group settings. Activities such as story-time, singing, dance, music, and craft incorporate lessons in counting, colors, shape recognition, language, and social development. .We are conducting a very interesting reading program for young children to help them learn to read at an early age. 

our curriculum consists of sports, arts and crafts, music, science, language, math, and free play.

During their free time, we provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where they are free to explore and develop their self-confidence. They also use their new skills and knowledge with their playmates, further reinforcing their lessons.

Our goal is to provide the best environment possible for your child.

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 Kindergarten Class

High-quality Pre-K education is essential to readying kids for the next stage of learning and life.

Based on research and proven results, our pre-kindergarten program builds on your child’s earlier learning experiences to advance literacy, vocabulary, math, problem-solving, and fine and gross motor skills.

Independent and cooperative learning opportunities guided by our skilled, nurturing teachers serve to strengthen social skills, equipping your child to enter kindergarten with confidence.

A high-quality pre-kindergarten education can not only prepare children for kindergarten but also help them reach their full potential in life.

Studies show that Pre-K graduates generally experience significant cognitive gains and score higher on math and reading tests than peers who receive no Pre-K education.

Experts on early brain development agree: Pre-K learning has become just as necessary as kindergarten and first grade.